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The First Ten Minutes in Coral Cay That will Shock you

May 31, 2012

Coral Cay-For Appointment call Hotline 714-794-5626 or go to


There are no do overs in first impressions. If you have a Huntington Beach Home for sale or are looking to buy, you will agree that the first impression you receive upon arriving at a home makes an emotional imprint that will color how you look at that home as you walk up, walk over the threshold and look throughout that home.  

The First Ten Minutes in Coral Cay that will shock  you are because…… well, I will circle back to that in a moment, stick with me for now.

You can’t unring that bell! That’s right your first impression is priceless, or it should be.

With that being said if you are thinking of selling your Huntington Harbour Home, whether in Coral Cay, Admiralty, Davenport,Gilbert, Humboldt or Trinidad Island you will want to stop by and check out the Preview for the home in Coral Cay located at

16841 Coral Cay Lane from 6pm-8pm

You should get an idea of what homes are for sale that will compete against your home for the same or similar buyers. This is part of the Real Estate formula that every seller and buyer should be armed with so they can get top dollar for their home and also to select the best agent to represent them.

The First Ten Minutes in Coral Cay That will Shock you are when the sun starts to go down, and you will realize that if you choose to select this for your next home, You will be basking in the daily and glorious sunsets every night about 7:30pm as a wave of oranges, pinks and purples create a breath taking backdrop for this Coral Cay home. Shock and awe will drape you!

This is a private showing:For admitance ask for me at the door or text me in advance to let me know you are arriving shortly. 

If you are working with a realtor and have signed a buyer broker agreement contact them directly. If you have not signed anything or are unrepresented I would love absolutely adore to helping you Exit out of where you are and into the home of your dreams.

Lillian Walker Broker®

****This is a private showing*****

Oh by the way do come back and visit me again!


Huntington Beach CA Real Estate – Lillian Walker Realtor Broker® My name is Lillian Walker I have been in the Real Estate business for over 20 years as a Realtor and Broker. I currently focus on the High End/Upscale Waterfront Homes in the Huntington Beach Market including Newport Beach, Corona Del Mar & Seal Beach, all in fantastic Orange County. How can you Exit out of where you are, and walk into the home of your dreams? Call our Hotline (714) 794-5626 or contact us through our website

Home Seller’s info on how to attract, convert,leverage and retain buyers for your home for sale

February 8, 2012

If you are thinking of selling your home, find out some basics to increase your net
Seller’s information on How to attract, convert, leverage and retain buyers for your beach home for sale.
Some insider secret information and facts about huntington beach which will surprise you by Author, Speaker,Trainer and Industry Expert
Lillian Walker
Author of “Creating Customers for Life” and “7Secrets to Selling Your Home in 90 Days or Less”™

Have you been wrongly Foreclosed upon? GET A FREE FORECLOSURE REVIEW!

February 7, 2012

Thank you for joining me! Today I have some very exciting information about FREE foreclosure review processes which are available to the public
at no cost no strings attached and it’s basically being done by the federal reserve board.

In order to qualify you need to have your submission in by April thirtieth, 2012 Basically the federal reserve board issued an enforcement of actions
against four major institutional lenders. In short it basically is involving about twenty five loan mortgage servicers,for a list of those companies just email
me and i’ll be sure to send you not only the link but the service providers (PLEASE DO NOT E MAIL ME HERE IS THE DIRECT LINK to the Federal Reservce Board FREE FORECLOSURE REVIEW)

that are basically mortgage service providers
in other words there where four major institutional lenders, they were
GMAC mortgage,HSBC finance corporation,Suntrust mortgage and EMC mortgage corporation. Those four landers have about twenty five mortgage servicers; that’s who you make your
payments to in behalf of those lenders,basically if you had a property foreclosed upon and you think that somewhere along the process they did not follow all the steps appropriately of foreclosure,
you may be entitled to compensation as a result of suffering financial harm from one of these four major institutional lenders.

In order for you to get your foreclosure review done you need to go to the federal reserve board website (SEE LINK ABOVE) there’s a specific link where you need to go to for the foreclosure review section and you will be eligible to get pre-foreclosure review.

Borrowers are eligible for an independent foreclosure review if
the property securing the loan was the borrower’s primary residence;
the mortgage was in the foreclosure process (initiated, pending, or completed) at any time between January 1, 2009, and December 31, 2010;
the mortgage was serviced by one of the following mortgage servicers listed on the Federal Rewserve Boards WEbsite
If the mortgage was in foreclosure process and it was either initiated,pending or completed at anytime between January 1,2009-December 31,2010
december thirty first of two thousand ten


PLEASE BE NOTIFIED-You don’t have to go through me you don’t have to go through any realtor,any broker,any lender any attorney you just go straight to the source go to the federal reserve board
webpage and apply directly through them. I have no idea how long it’s going to take for the foreclosure review process to take place, but,the good thing is that it’s free too you and you might be entitled to some sort of punitive compensation.

Thank you for visiting with me again, and comback again and remember to check out my media page at

How much do I put down on the purchase of a home?

January 21, 2012

Learn how much to put down on the purchase of a home as explained by industry veteran, Author, Speaker and Trainer Lillian Walker Broker Owner for Exit Realty in Huntington Beach. Whether you are buying a condo, single family residence, a for sale by owner, a bank owned foreclosure, a short sale, a probate or any kind of sale. She explains the percentage down and why it is important to put a certain amount down. Also the distinction between a down payment and a purchase money deposit also known as an earnest money deposit. The method of making the deposit is also explained and to who the money is given or presented to.

Huntington Beach at Sunset Beach Current info

January 6, 2012

Here we are in Huntington Beach at Sunset Beach on January 2,2012 the second day of the year it about 68 degrees low winds, scattered clouds, in 30 minutes it will be sunset, there are a couple dozen people right now which is more than normal for this time of year but we are having beautiful weather, the tide is low and the weather is warm.Check out this video with local information on parking for Free and other nice tidbits.
Picture and video of Huntington Beach Burm